Connected to Roots

Established in 1990, Rose International is in the field of manufacturing and exporting Kashmiri Handicrafts and Fashion accessories since more than 26 years owning to be a well-known Export House now.

Committed Compliance

Our products are designed by master craftsmen with decades of experience and every product is further selected and inspired by experts to ensure the finest quality. While our artisans and master craftsmen are busy reviving ancient designs, textures and weaves; our aim is to showcase their work on the international market as well as empower and enrich the lives of these artisans.

Shared Responsiblities

Rose International, lately, through several transformative transactions, have expanded the scope of its business. While we remain committed to the Handicrafts industry, we enhanced our diversified portfolio of assets by making a strategic entrance into the Real Estate, Hospitality and Retail sector. At present the organisation’s operation generate direct employment opportunities to nearly 250 persons and indirect employment opportunities for over 2,000 persons.